The How's of Community Building

The How's of Community Building

There is a lot of content about the why of community, but not much around the how of communities. That's why, we created a public wiki of sorts to give you direct, actionable advice to take your community from zero to something that you're proud of.

Table of Contents

Sure, here's the information in a simple list format:

7. Case Studies and Best Practices Learn from successful case studies and best practices.

7.1. How Others Did It: Figma
7.2. How Others Did It: Roam Research
7.3. How Others Did It: Gymshark

Usage Guide

Even though we have numbered sections, we don't necessarily recommend reading it end-to-end or even reading it in a particular order. In fact, we have taken care to ensure that anyone reading these posts derives some value from them.

That's why each page is deliberately kept within 350 words (~ a minute of reading time). This is so that you don't spend too much time "reading" or "learning" directly dive into answering the questions and prompts of that section.