Ambassadors, Champions, and Influencers

Ambassadors, Champions, and Influencers

In the world of community building, ambassadors, champions, and influencers play pivotal roles. Understanding these roles can supercharge your community growth and engagement.

Understanding the Roles

Each role brings something unique to the table:

Ambassadors are loyal community members who embody your community's values. They voluntarily promote your community in their circles, extending your reach.

Champions are power users who are highly active and involved. They provide invaluable support to the community, whether that's through creating content, providing assistance, or sparking discussions.

Influencers are individuals with a significant following or clout, who can impact community behavior. They may or may not be part of the community, but their endorsements can lead to increased visibility and member acquisition.

Actionable Steps to Utilize These Roles

Here are some steps to leverage these roles effectively:

  • Identify Potential Key Players: Keep an eye out for active, helpful, and enthusiastic members. They're your potential ambassadors and champions. Influencers, on the other hand, can be found both inside and outside your community.

  • Maintain Mutually Beneficial Relationships: Provide value to these key members. Whether it's exclusive benefits, early access to news, or simply recognition, show them their efforts are appreciated.

  • Keep Them Engaged and Committed: Regularly communicate with these members. Keep them in the loop with community updates, ask for their feedback, and involve them in decision-making processes. Create programs that incentivize continued contribution and support.

The Impact of These Roles on Community Growth

Ambassadors, champions, and influencers can fuel community growth. They boost your community's visibility, foster a strong sense of community, and aid in maintaining a vibrant and engaged member base.


Recognizing and nurturing your ambassadors, champions, and influencers is a potent strategy in community management. With them, you're not just building a community - you're cultivating a movement.

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