Creating a Community Manifesto

Creating a Community Manifesto

Creating a community isn't just about gathering a group of people together—it's about uniting individuals under a common cause, a shared set of values. This is where your community's manifesto comes in. But how do you go about defining it?

Find Your Core Values

Start by defining your community's core values.

  • What principles guide your actions and decision-making processes?

  • What are the values you won't compromise on, the beliefs that are the foundation of your community?

  • Whether it's innovation, empathy, or radical transparency, pinpoint these values before you begin.

Draft the Manifesto

Once you've identified your values, it's time to write them down. This is your first draft—your initial attempt at putting your community's purpose and objectives into words.

  • Who is your community for?

  • What do you aim to achieve?

  • What are your guiding principles?

Community Feedback

This step is crucial. Share your draft manifesto with a few trusted members of your community. They know the community from the inside and can offer valuable feedback and perspectives. Their input can help you refine and polish your manifesto, ensuring it truly represents the spirit of your community.

Make It Official

Once you've incorporated the feedback, it's time to share your manifesto with the entire community. This document will serve as your community's roadmap, guiding all actions and decisions. Post it on Mirror, make a video of your reading it and post it YouTube, or put it out in any other way you see fit!

Update and Evolve

Communities evolve and grow—your manifesto should too. Regularly review and update it to ensure it remains relevant and accurately represents your community.

A well-defined manifesto acts as a beacon, attracting people who align with your community's values and guiding your actions and decisions. And just as importantly, it gives your members a sense of belonging, of being part of something bigger than themselves.

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