Success starts with

Exceptional community experience

Success starts with

Exceptional community experience

A gamified approach to long term engagement. Quests, campaigns, loyalty, leaderboards, analytics and more in your own space.

Trusted by the best

Bring everyone together

Break platform silos and unify your community across platforms. Empower members, voters, LPs, contributors and everyone in between.

Bird’s eye view of your ecosystem

Powerful analytics

Easier Ops

Gamify participation

Reward participation through dynamic NFTs for each and every touch-point of community. Twitter, Protocol or Governance, we got you covered

Increase retention

Boost engagement

Incentivise participation

Campaigns and Quests

Get started for free


Create tiers and define levelling criteria easily.

Automatic evolving badges with multiple tiers depending on criteria in real-time. Member progress in an NFT. Learn how others use perpetual campaigns



Choose from a variety of rewards to incentivise participation.

Fire and forget, we take care of the rest

Dynamic badge rewards

Automated Upgrade and Downgrade

On chain member journey

Your community, your brand, your vibe

Customizable community space to match your style

Design as per your community branding

Connect your domain or get your own subdomain

Community leaderboards and gamified experience for members

What people have to say


Outlier Ventures & Metaverse_HQ



Hemant Mohapatra

Partner, Lightspeed

Absolutely love what REP3 is building when it comes to gamifying and tracking community engagement and participation with perpetual quests

We've worked together a ton over the past year and I've been deeply impressed by their work. I can't think of a better team working in web3.

They are solving a critical infrastructure problem in how web3 communities can scale with high quality members, reduce scams, noise and more!

Put your Community in Hyperdrive