Scaling Communities 101

Scaling Communities 101

A conversation with @theNFThinker from Bankless DAO.

We're always trying to learn about all the interesting things happening in web3. To satiate our curiosity, we host a weekly-ish Twitter Spaces series called Coffee Conversations. What follows is a summary of the ninth episode.

For the ninth episode of Coffee Conversations, we hosted NF Thinker from Bankless DAO.


  • NF Thinker got into crypto a little more than two years ago.

  • Bankless DAO was one of the first projects they got involved with, so they had front-row seats to the DAO's explosive growth.

  • Conflict resolution in communities is one of the most under-discussed topics when discussing community building.

  • NF Thinker recommends having an ombudsman (this is also what they have in Bankless) to mediate any conflicts that may arise in day-to-day operations.

  • Besides conflict resolution, another oft-ignored aspect of community building is acknowledging members with an outsized impact.

  • It is essential to publicly appreciate the individuals doing good work. At the same time, it is equally, if not more important, to address individuals that have a net negative impact on the community's vibe (for example if they're spreading FUD, spamming channels, not following community guidelines, etc.)


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