Attention Club Members! 📢

Attention Club Members! 📢

Help us improve rep3!

2023 is off to a great start.

Work on rep3 v2 is well underway, and several new communities have started using our protocol for their community management and operational needs. This has had a positive effect -- we are marching towards product-market fit and are more than confident in our ability to deliver tangible value to communities.

However, this has also revealed several edge cases and other quirks expected of a product at this stage. This is a good thing! A polished product is imperative in our quest to serve as many communities as possible. But we'd prefer our passionate club and team members discovering these rough edges instead of our potential users.

So today, we're announcing the rep3 testing program! Club members now have an opportunity to directly contribute to the rep3 product. [1]

Every week (or after significant changes to our codebase), we will share a checklist with our community that they may follow while testing the product. While testing, we would encourage them to record their screens and later share this recording with us. Sometimes, we may not find a bug, but we may instead uncover some common usage patterns that could be improved. The videos will help with this.

Members can, of course, go beyond the checklist and poke around the tool as well. The idea is to understand how someone who's not building the product would approach using it.

To recognize the time and effort that will be spent in regular testing, we will give contribution badges to anyone who helps us in improving the product. These badges will make holders eligible for higher membership tiers with access to restricted Discord channels, and a priority claim on bounties and rewards when we announce those.

Often, delivering a simple, seamless experience to end-users requires dealing with a lot of complexity beforehand. We're more than excited to navigate the product-building maze and empower communities to do their best work.

If you are eager to get started, tag @InfiniteGwei#3794 in our Discord server. They will get back to you with the next steps. 🫡

[1] In addition to participating in our community events (weekly office hours, Twitter spaces, onboarding calls, game nights, etc.) and contributing to our marketing and growth efforts (making translations, creating content, etc.)

Did we pique your interest? If yes, visit our website to learn more, or book a demo to see rep3 in action!