Premia Finance 🤝 Rep3

Premia Finance 🤝 Rep3

Learn how Premia Finance used Rep3 to educate their members about DeFi options, app features and partnerships.

Premia Finance, one of the most prominent players in the DeFi options market, offers sophisticated financial instruments that allow users to engage in options trading.

Recognized for their significant contribution to the DeFi space, they have established Premia Academy, an educational platform designed to elevate users' understanding of DeFi options.

The Goal

Premia Academy offers courses like "Introduction to Options" and "Basic Options Strategies," aiming to demystify complex financial concepts and strategies. Further, Academy has some amazing partners and helps users know more about how things work behind the scenes.


Premia Finance uses Rep3 to reward users who complete courses on Premia Academy. This strategy effectively motivates users to deepen their understanding of DeFi options and Premia Finance by taking advantage of the expertly crafted educational content.

Options 101 Course

Premia’s Options 101 courses have 4 sections: Introduction to DeFi Options, DeFi Options Basics, Intermediate DeFi Options Concepts and Advanced DeFi Concepts.

Members first claim their badges before beginning their course, and the badges automatically upgrade as and when they complete subsequent courses.

Strategy Course

Premia’s Strategy courses have 3 sections: Basic DeFi Options Strategies, Intermediate DeFi Options Strategies and DeFi Options Strategies in Practice.

Members claim their badges when beginning the first section and their badges automatically upgrade as and when they finish the section.


Besides Premia’s beginner-level courses, they have two masterclasses where members can learn advanced strategies to manage risk and learn more about Greeks.

Course Collaborations

Premia partnered with Arbitrum and Optimism for two unique courses on Premia Academy.

In the Arbitrum Recruit course members could learn about Arbitrum, Premia and DeFi options whereas in the Optimism Recruit course, members could learn about Socket, Optimism and DeFi options.

Premia’s Options 101 courses have 4 sections. Members first claim their badges before beginning their course, and the badges automatically upgrade as and when they complete subsequent courses.

Explaining How Premia Works

Premia community members could also access two classes that explained the inner workings of Premia.

The Chainlink Recruit course taught members about how Premia uses Chainlink to create on-chain options, and the GMX Recruit course taught members about the GMX (the decentralized perpetual exchange) as well as key differences between options and futures.

Interstellar Trading Competition

In addition to using Rep3 to add a layer of on-chain rewards to their academy courses, Premia also used Rep3 to reward members for participating in the Interstellar Trading Competition that rewarded the most profitable traders.

This activity took place on their test net, helping Premia both engage their community and refine their testnet before the actual launch.


Adding a rewards layer to their education program has successfully created a more informed and active user base within the DeFi options space. For more details about Premia Finance and their educational initiatives, visit Premia Finance.

Premia Finance in Numbers

Using Rep3 has led to Premia Finance significantly activating their community on-chain.

  1. ~36.5k badges have been claimed so far, of which ~31k belonged to the Options 101 Course

  2. This hints at Premia’s success in activating their community at the most basic level

  3. The second most active campaign was the Arbitrum Recruit campaign which saw ~2.3k badge mints

  4. The third most active cam˝paign was the trading competition with ~2k badge mints


Due to our constantly expanding users, a robust minting mechanism and questing alternative is not an easy find. Rep3 has gone above and beyond in this sense, continuing to meet our demands and cater to Premia’s needs individually.