On-chain Activism: A New Frontier for Social Impact

On-chain Activism: A New Frontier for Social Impact

A conversation with @clinamenic from Lobby3.

We're always trying to learn about all the interesting things happening in web3. To satiate our curiosity, we host a weekly-ish Twitter Spaces series called Coffee Conversations. What follows is a summary of the fourteenth episode.

For the fourteenth episode of Coffee Conversations, we hosted Clinamenic from Lobby3. A founding member of JournoDAO and the current Director of Lobby3, Clinamenic is also a DAO Operational Consultant and has been involved with several media outfits in the crypto/web3 space.

Highlights and Summary

Lobby3 is a nonprofit onchain organization dedicated to educating, innovating, and advocating at the intersection of civics and distributed ledger technology. They are currently building DeVox, a decentralized advocacy protocol to enable onchain activism.

The MVP will let individuals create a petition message, which will be signable by others. Supporters will also be able to donate to the cause, essentially converting the message to a campaign. The funds so collected will bootstrap a donor DAO, where the funders will decide how to best spend the money so collected.

The space of campaign financing is highly regulated, and there are stringent restrictions that people must comply with. Lobby3 is exploring zkID solutions to tackle this, so they can verify proof of nationality and information without necessarily interacting or holding that data directly.

Lobby3 is very careful in its approach and wants to resolve the complexity of this operation while respecting the legal boundaries and acknowledging the sensitive nature of data about political activism.
They are also preparing to onboard folks not familiar with web3, and are working on creating different user flows for degens and rookies alike.

Lobby3 has also decided to incorporate as a nonprofit association and create a constitution for itself. According to Clinamenic, their biggest challenge, in the beginning was having transferrable tokens that were open to all. This attracted people who weren't really a strong fit with the community.

Currently, Lobby3 is working on a membership model centered around non-transferrable membership badges. Follow them on Twitter to stay updated with their journey, and reach out to them on Discord if you would like to get involved with DeVox.