Gamified Communities 🕹️

Gamified Communities 🕹️

Introducing perpetual campaigns.

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” - Socrates

Cultivating a thriving ecosystem is an uphill battle.

Catering to all members, and grappling with an ever-changing web3 landscape, is nearly impossible. Most communities are scattered across multiple platforms, and their efforts are diluted in trying to cover all touchpoints.

This leads to a poor experience for existing members and pushes prospective ones away from stopping by even for a minute.

At Rep3, we get this.

Over the past 14 months, through close collaboration with 100+ communities, we realized that most community-building challenges can be solved by effective gamification. The type that fosters healthy competition among members and gets them rowing in the same direction.

Our upcoming iteration brings your community together in one place, and gamifies their participation across onchain and offchain touch points.

In our private beta, we helped communities ranging from Art Collectives to DeFi Protocols move the needle on critical metrics like increasing onchain voting turnout, boosting protocol interactions, bootstrapping a social presence, and many others.

As a consequence, members now see their communities in a different light. Their “community” is no longer Discord messages, Forum posts, or even completed bounties — it’s all that and more.

Introducing Perpetual Campaigns

The logical successor of quests, perpetual campaigns are the most versatile tool in a community’s toolbox.

Best thought of as never-ending quests, perpetual campaigns can ingest and process data from various sources (onchain and offchain) and appropriately reward members. This is what makes them fit for communities of all types.

From strategies that give badges based on Discord roles to ones that reward member activity spanning multiple touchpoints — the sky is truly the limit.

Quests, as of today, are unidimensional. They work in binaries — either you fulfill the criteria of a quest, or you don’t. With perpetual campaigns, you can club multiple criteria as input and have multiple criteria in the output as well.

On completion of specific tasks, you can upgrade members’ badge levels. You can reward them with tokens or give them other perks upon completing others. Further, your members can embark on journeys unique to them and participate across multiple platforms in ways that matter.

Think about this for a second.

With perpetual campaigns, you can

  • enable prospective members to incrementally explore your community,

  • empower existing members to define their own community experience,

  • and foster a competitive yet healthy culture with strictly merit-based rewards.

During our private beta, we saw communities of all sizes implement perpetual campaigns to achieve their engagement and growth goals. We now invite you to join us and experience the magic yourself! 🪄

Join the waitlist, visit our website or come say hi in our Discord server. 😋