Education, Reputation and Credentials

Education, Reputation and Credentials

A conversation with @singularityhack from Bankless DAO.

We're always trying to learn about all the interesting things happening in web3. To satiate our curiosity, we host a weekly-ish Twitter Spaces series called Coffee Conversations. What follows is a summary of the fifth episode.

For the fifth episode of Coffee Conversations, we hosted Justice from Bankless DAO. Justice is a prolific writer and a futurist interested in org. design, incentive engineering and the technological singularity.


  • In today's world, education and reputation are more closely linked than ever.

  • Modern-day education has been reduced to a glorified credentialing system, which is neither just nor fair.

  • Access to the institutions that confer these credentials is limited, and we have seen motivated individuals time after time easily game the process.

  • The need for blockchain-based credentials mediated by smart contracts is thus strongly felt.

  • Such credentials would inherently have a superior signal-to-noise ratio since their very nature makes them highly incorruptible.

  • We are moving towards a world that values skills and experience over papers and degrees. In this world, blockchain-based credentials will be the norm for educational and professional institutions alike.


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