Bebop 🤝 Rep3

Bebop 🤝 Rep3

Learn how Bebop used Rep3 to build loyalty by celebrating users' milestones.

Bebop was born and incubated at Wintermute and is being built by veteran DeFi traders, developers, self-proclaimed “degens”, and recruits from traditional finance. It offers a suite of decentralized trading products that ensures seamless and efficient crypto trading for everyone, including a web3 trading app along with an API and SDK.

Bebop promises no slippage, no price attacks, and no failed fees, making it an excellent choice for sophisticated traders and degens alike. Their API and SDK boast powerful and performant tools for any protocol, dApp or DAO trade execution, as well as for liquidity providers and solvers.

The Goal

Bebop envisioned an engagement program that caters to both newcomers as well as their dedicated, long-standing users. No matter where users are in their journey, they can start collecting achievements and tap into a positive feedback loop.

Conversely, for Bebop's loyal user base, the program serves as a gesture of recognition for their ongoing support. Rather than simply a transaction, it's a meaningful acknowledgement of their commitment, further motivating them to stay engaged with the platform. In essence, Bebop aspired to create an engagement system that not only acknowledges but also strengthens the bond with users at every stage of their journey.


Bebop’s engagement strategy mainly revolves around two active collections: the evergreen collection and the festive collection. The evergreen collections, which consist of the majority of achievements, can be earned at any time.

The second active collection is the festive collection, which are once-a-year achievement dedicated to specific holidays or special days, fostering a spirit of celebration within the community.

Each collection maps the activity paths of Bebop users and gives them a chance to collect achievements as they cross key milestones, ensuring that members always have something to look forward to.

Evergreen Collection

Members collect the achievements in the evergreen collection whenever they become eligible for it. This means that in the due course of using the DEX, as and when members complete specific kinds of trades and generate trading volume, they automatically become eligible to claim these achievements.

Bebop Swapper

Counts all the trades you complete on Bebop. Members can collect achievements on every 10th, 25th, 50th and 100th single-token trade that is equal to or above $25.

Bebop Multiswapper

Counts multi-token trades on Bebop. Members can collect achievements on every 10th, 25th, 50th and 100th multi-token trade that is equal to or above $25.

My Bebop Size is Size

Accumulates the total volume traded on Bebop. Members can collect achievements whenever they cross $1,000, $5,000, $10,000 or $25,000 in cumulative trading volume.

Festive Events Collection

Members can collect the achievements in the festive events collection only during limited periods of time (usually around the event in question). Previously, members have collected achievements on Bitcoin Pizza Day, Follow the Rabbit for the Chinese New Year, etc.

Once claimed, members remain eligible for new editions every year. This year, Bebop launched 2 seasonal campaigns — Not Afraid to Trade during Halloween and Decorate the DEXMas tree during Christmas.

Keeping the Community in Focus

Bebop uses these achievements to add an extra layer of engagement for the users, no matter how new or old. Everyone has something to look forward to as there is a clear progression in the achievements one can earn.

This makes users feel valued and appreciated, and the on-chain artefacts ensure that the members truly own their achievements. While some achievements are simple collectables, others grant special titles that are displayed on users’ Bebop profiles. Among other things, these can grant members access to early product sneak peeks, gated Discord channels and more.


Our focus on fostering sustained, long-term engagement within communities is what caught the eye of the folks at Bebop. From day one, we worked on strategies to create an environment where engagement is organic and consistent, steering clear of transient bursts of activity.

Bebop made full use of Rep3’s features to provide its community with a unique experience with a custom community space, a gasless claiming process and support for a wide variety of wallet providers and chains.

The response from Bebop’s community was beyond anything we anticipated. We supported over 73k user actions just two months after launch. Extending beyond the Rep3 platform, these campaigns bumped up Bebop's digital footprint as well.

Bebop in Numbers

  1. Over 75,000 achievements have been claimed by community members

  2. “Not afraid to Trade” tops the list with over 10k claims to date speaking to the success of Bebop’s Halloween campaign

  3. The community still collects about 200 achievements per day 3 months after launch


Having our achievements listed on Rep3 deepened engagement and enhanced the user experience when interacting with our trading dApp. Rep3 offers a fully customized way to expand our brand identity when we introduce a new achievement collection to our users that they can collect if they meet certain criteria or hit a new trading milestone.

Day-by-day interaction with the Rep3 team is easy and effective. The team is passionate about what they are building and happy to assist us with new achievement listings, troubleshooting, or any other matters.

Last but not least, the Team is always on the edge of enhancing user experience and introducing new features that could be introduced to the users.