Engage & Grow your
Discord Community

Engage & Grow your
Discord Community

Incentivize positive participation. Let members

earn XP, level up and get rewarded instantly.

10 min is all you need

Go from reading the landing page to an active XP system in your server in no time

Define your XP levels and rewards

Invite the bot to your server

React with specific emojis to give XP

Gamify Participation

Beyond effective levelling, the XP bot can also be repurposed to provide:

Reddit-like Karma Functionality

Moderation and Warning System

Voting and Polling

Access Management to channel

Ambassador Program

do more

with rep3

Track member activity across onchain and offchain touchpoints

Get analytics and actionable insights on member participation

Run one-off quests to increase engagement on socials

Use perpetual campaigns to motivate consistent activity

Automate the distribution of various types of rewards, and much more!